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Enjoy the best of both worlds by basing your yacht in the US Virgin Islands and having the freedom to charter into the British Virgin Islands as well.  The ease of travel directly into St Thomas and ability to be on your yacht within minutes of leaving the airport is just one of the many benefits of placing your yacht into service with Virgin Islands Yacht Charters.

Please visit our website or contact us today for more information and details.

Virgin Islands Yacht Charters is a boutique charter and yacht management company based on the island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  

VIYC offers both bareboat and crewed yacht charter management programs and we would welcome a conversation about your goals and expectations for your newly purchased yacht.

Operating a yacht as a business presents unique tax advantages that many boat owners can benefit from. The key is structuring ownership under an LLC or corporation and using the vessel actively for charter or other revenue-generating activities.

Understanding Boat as a Business

Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

Done correctly, this allows substantial deductions against the costs of yacht ownership and operation. For owners in high tax brackets, exploring this business model can lead to major tax savings.

However, business use must be legitimate and properly documented. There are stringent IRS requirements to qualify as an active trade or business. Owners must demonstrate a profit motive and conduct regular business activities like marketing, bookkeeping, and other related things associated with managing your asset.

The goal is running a real business, not just claiming deductions. Careful planning is required to withstand IRS scrutiny. Some common pitfalls include limited chartering or intentionally operating at a loss solely for write-offs.

When established with savvy tax and legal guidance, a yacht business can be a strategic, cost-efficient model of ownership. Consult with experts to ensure your unique situation and plans align with regulations. Done right, you can enjoy both the perks of a commercial vessel and the rewards of strategic tax reductions.


As catamarans gain ever-growing popularity, the demand significantly surpasses the available supply. This phenomenon has both positive and negative implications. On the positive side, catamarans retain their value remarkably well and for extended periods compared to monohulls due to their scarcity.

However, a downside to this surge in demand is the increasing cost of new catamarans.

At our company, we are dedicated to finding solutions that alleviate the cost burden for our clients. Explore our charter yacht management programs and yacht as a business ownership programs, designed to provide you with viable options to reduce the overall cost of ownership while still enjoying the benefits of catamaran ownership. Our commitment is to make catamaran ownership more accessible and financially viable for you.


"I know my prized yacht is in the best possible hands with Virgin Islands Yacht Charters. The entire team shares my passion for life on the water. I could not imagine a better choice for management services in the Virgin Islands and beyond. My boat - and my heart - are happy under their care!"


/ Current Boat Owner with VIYC


"We had our yacht in the management program with VIYC for 5 years.  Their expertise and knowledge of operating in the Virgin Islands is unmatched. The staff truly cared about my boat as if it were their own. Maintenance is proactive and thorough. Charter bookings were robust thanks to their stellar reputation."


/  Former Boat Owner

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